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Refund Policy - 


1) What if the product is out of stock?
Information will be provided about the same and the product amount will be refunded.

2) How will I get my refund?
Refunds related to any order will be evaluated and we will usually process refunds within 1-2 business days, the request is passed to our payment gateway partner, they have advised it takes 4-7 business days to process the refund .

3) What if the items I have received are damaged?
Damages will be verified based on photographs of corresponding products shared by you. Based on the evaluation, the refund will be issued.

4) What if an item is missed out?
You will be notified well in advance regarding the missed out products. Apart from this, if there is a discrepancy in the order, it will be verified with the photographs of the products received against the photograph of the physical invoice attached along with your order.

5) What if I have a quality complaint?
The details regarding the quality complaint must be explained clearly to our customer support executive and the refund is clearly subjected to the management’s decision. There will be no refund if the taste of the product is not to the customer's liking or if the customer thinks it is not good enough.

6) How long do I have to report a complaint regarding a product?
Any complaint needs to be raised within 8 hours from the date of delivery.

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