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Homemade Ragi Cerelac

Homemade Ragi Cerelac

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✅ Provides essential nutrients for your baby's healthy growth and development
✅ Offers a wholesome and nutritious alternative to store-bought cerelac
✅ Made with natural and carefully selected ingredients for your baby's well-being
✅ Homemade and crafted with love to suit your baby's delicate palate
✅ Free from artificial additives, preservatives, and refined sugars
✅ Easy to digest and ideal for introducing solid foods to your baby
Key Ingredients:
✅ Ragi (Finger Millet): Rich in calcium, iron, and dietary fiber, ragi offers excellent nutrition for your baby's bone and overall development.
✅ Palm Candy (Pana Karkandu): Adds a touch of natural sweetness to the cerelac, enhancing its taste without the need for refined sugars.
✅ Almonds: Rich in healthy fats and protein, almonds contribute to brain development and overall nourishment.
✅ Cashews: Provide additional healthy fats and protein, supporting your baby's growth and well-being.
Give your little one a nutritious start with Native Basket's Homemade Ragi Cerelac. It combines the goodness of ragi and nuts to create a wholesome and delicious meal option. With its natural ingredients and careful preparation, this cerelac ensures your baby receives the best nourishment for their healthy growth and development.

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