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Homemade Sprouted Health Mix

Homemade Sprouted Health Mix

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Do you want a nutritious mix that's full of vitamins and minerals?
Native Basket Health Mix / Sattu Maavu is a homemade, sprouted mix of 27 ingredients that's full of goodness.
Features & Benefits:
✅ Native Basket Health Mix / Sattu Maavu is full of vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health.
✅Native Basket Health Mix / Sattu Maavu is for adults and children.
Buy Native Basket Health Mix/ Sattu Maavu online today and see the difference it makes to your health!
Sprouts- Green Gram, Black Urad, Brown Channa, 
Wheat , Ragi, Bajra, Jowar, Horse Gram, Lentils, 
Cowpea Rice - Barley, Bamboo, Mapillai Samba, 
Black Rice, Red Rice Millets - Little Millet, Foxtail, 
Barnyard, Kodo Millet Nuts-Peanut , Cashew, Almond 
Soya Beans, Corn Kernels, Roasted Bengal Gram, 
Elachi, Dry Ginger
Shelf Life: 6 Months
Directions to use
Take 2 tsp of powder, mix with 150 ml of water, once it boils add 50 ml of milk. Add sweetner of your choice and mix well / or add salt and have as porridge
Why shop from
✅ Products are made fresh on order.
✅ Product are made in small batches.
✅ Products are handmade in home kitchen
✅ Product are made with fresh and pure ingredients
✅ Zero Preservatives, Zero Chemicals and artificial Flavours, Zero Palmoil.
✅ 100% Authentic Taste with Grandma's traditional recipes
Shipping Details: 
You can order _ online from Chennai, Bangalore,or any part of India and get it delivered to your doorstep.
We deliver within 24-48 hours in TamilNadu/Pondy and for 2- 5 business days for other places. 
For any further details/queries:
For Bulk orders/ queries you can Call us/Whatsapp us at the number: 7829329666 for best price
You can also write to us at
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